Import from Eventbrite

Gigabark allows you to import phone numbers from your Eventbrite account automatically in order to reach your event attendees. Two simple steps must be taken for this to work seemlessly:

Find your Eventbrite API User Key

Eventbrite's API User Key is a unique key that allows applications (like Gigabark) to access Eventbrite data (like your event information, attendee information, etc) without providing your Eventbrite username or password.

To find your Eventbrite API User Key:
  • Browse to
    (or if you're logged in to Eventbrite, select menu item "Account" at the top, then "Api User Key" on the left)
  • Your API User Key is displayed under "Your API User Key" as in the graphic below.

    Require Eventbrite Attendees to enter their phone number

    By default, Eventbrite does not require an event attendee to supply their personal information (address, telephone, etc) in order to purchase tickets to an event. To collect the telephone numbers (so Gigabark knows where to broadcast your message!) from attendees, you must require the fields to be collected when an attendee purchases a ticket. Gigabark can import from the "Cell Phone", "Home Phone", or "Work Phone" fields (except when sending SMS messages, which can only use the "Cell Phone" field), but at least one must be collected.

    To require event attendees to enter their phone numbers:
    • Log into your Eventbrite Account.
    • In the "My Events" section (at the top of the page), choose the event for which you wish to collect attendee phone numbers
    • From the left hand menu, choose "Collect Custom Information". You should see a page which looks like the image below.
    • In the box "What type of information do you want to collect?", choose the third option "Collect information below for each attendee", as shown in the image below.
    • In the box "Information to collect", place checkmarks requiring the "Cell Phone", "Home Phone", and/or "Work Phone" field(s), as shown in the image below.
    • Press the "Save Changes" button.