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How do you want to pay?

We believe you should pay only for what you use, and you should pay in a manner that suits your needs. Prepaid, postpaid, flat monthly rates, pricing per recipient or per minute, we will develop a pricing structure and a rate that will work best for you.

The lowest price per message!

Depending on technology and speed needs, we can send messages for fractions of a penny. We have bargain-basement prices for folks sending larger volumes of calls, surveys, or text messages or those who pay for monthly plans.

But it never hurts to ask, right? And very few can send your calls for less.

Custom Plans!

We can mold your plan to fit your needs. Here are a couple examples:
  • Flat Rate Plans - For those who want to know what they're spending every month. Depending on average usage, this can be as low as a few dollars per month, and can be prepaid or postpaid.
  • Modified Rating - If you want to pay per recipient or per completed call rather than per minute, or something else, we likely can make that work, too.

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