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Discerning Human or Voicemail

Background: One of the most difficult things for any automated calling system is to determine if the party which answers is  voicemail or an actual human. Because of the many different types of carriers, handsets, voicemail vendors, and voice delivery … Read more »

Improving Results: Reducing Long Silences At Beginning of Voice Messages

Problem: There is a long silence between the time a voice broadcast call is answered and the time the message begins playing. This is an age-old problem, detrimental to the quality of your broadcast and likely the receptiveness of your recipient toward the … Read more »

Improving Results: Reducing Calls Which Leave No Voicemail Message

Problem: After a voice broadcast call was answered by a machine/voicemail, no voicemail was left. Possible Causes: Seen frequently when testing broadcasts, if the caller-ID used in the broadcast is the same as the number dialed, likely the call did not reach the … Read more »

Survey Response Rates

While the results of your survey certainly depend on the quality of your call lists and the eagerness of your recipients to take your survey, the following statistics are provided as a guide to help you plan. The statistics are based … Read more »

How long does a broadcast take?

Setup Duration Setting up a broadcast can take a matter of seconds. Our wizard make sending your voice or text message a cinch! It guides you through a few simple steps to reach your recipients. Broadcast Duration The duration of … Read more »

Is there a monthly contract or minimum usage?

Nope. No minimum amount of usage, and no monthly contracts for Gigabark services. We believe you should pay for what you use. Not for more. Just log in, pay with a credit card, and send send send! Of course, some … Read more »

Why broadcast?

There are a number of advantages to automating your phone calls, surveys, and text messages distributions. Place many calls simultaneously Drastically reduce the time required to place a number of calls or texts Eliminate the monotony of placing large volumes … Read more »

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